Sudan Rap Lab 2022 – Open Call (Arabic)

نفتخر بالإعلان عن بدء مشروعنا الأول في Katamat Records. ندعوكم اليوم –  الدعوة مفتوحة –  لورشة معمل راب السودان 2022 وهي ورشة مخصصة للبنات فوق عمر ال 18 سنة.

Sudan Rap Lab 2022: Open Call (English)

We are very proud to announce the launch of our first project here at Katamat Records. Today we release the Open Call for our forthcoming workshop: Sudan Rap Lab 2022.

Katamat Records Website Launch

We are very happy to launch our website and social media channels today in preparation for the launch of our first project “Sudan Rap Lab 2022” which takes place in early June 2022 in Sudan.