About Katamat Records

Welcome to the fresh-faced Katamat Records website.  

Our ultimate goal with Katamat Records is to promote Sudanese music old and new to an international audience. Katamat Record’s will be a home for all kinds of Sudanese music, from modern Sudanese hits  to traditional classics.

We are consistently astounded by the richness and diversity of the Sudanese musical soundscape as well as how little of Sudan and its culture is known to the world outside.  That’s where at Katamat Records we feel we may have a tiny chance to contribute something – after all, what better way to get acquainted with a people than through their rhythms and melodies? 

We are preparing to launch our first releases and projects, so connect with us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.  

If you have some music you feel we absolutely must hear, we would love to hear from you: drop us an email at info@katamatrecords.com