Nadja Media teaming up with Katamat Records as Media Partners for Sudan Rap Lab 2022

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Nadja Media are a UK-Dubai based digital news platform. They are focused on publishing bold and off-beat women’s stories. In their own words:

NADJA is a digital news platform for the curious minds looking for a fresh perspective on global events and who, like us, believe women play an active role in shaping our world and our future, and deserve to have their voices heard

We are very excited to announce that Nadja Media be will working closely with us throughout the process of our Sudan Rap Lab 2022 residency and forthcoming record release to help us project the voices of our Sudanese participants and their music as far and wide as possible.

We welcome you visit their website here which is absolutely packed with content and articles including a recent conversation with Katamat Records about Sudan Rap Lab 2022.

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